The Arlington Road Runners Club was formed in 2007 to promote fitness through running and walking programs.  If you’ve dreamed of walking or running a full or half marathon, or just need a fitness group for accountability, we’re the club for you.  We will help you reach your race and fitness goals while providing a fun, supportive atmosphere.

Summer 2015 Registration is OPEN

ARRC Summer Season Registration is Now Open! St. Paddy’s Day is over, but you can still save some green and celebrate! Spring starts this week and it’s time to think about Fall races… are you looking for a friendly, supportive … Continue reading

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Winter Season (2014-2015) is here!

winter season kickoff

In case you missed it, the first run of the Winter season occurred last Saturday.  Here’s the link to register –


FULL SATURDAY SCHEDULE The season’s half marathon schedule will be as shown below, along with the extra mileage option (XM) for anyone training for a full marathon in the spring.  Though we’ll remind you each week through the newsletterabout that Saturday’s mileage, you may want to mark your calendars since this won’t be posted each week.  However, you can always find this schedule on the ARRC website.For your convenience, at the bottom we’ve also listed the local spring races.  Depending on your goal, you can adjust this schedule accordingly (ask a mentor if you’re unsure about it):

Week Saturday Half
XM = Added Mileage
for Full Marathon
Total Mileage
1 12-6 4 miles add 3 miles 7 miles
2 12-13 5 miles 3 miles 8 miles
3 12-20 6 miles 3 miles 9 miles
4 12-27 6 miles 4 miles 10 miles
5 1-3 7 miles 5 miles 12 miles
6 1-10 7 miles 7 miles 14 miles
7 1-17 8 miles 8 miles 16 miles
8 1-24 9 miles 3 miles 12 miles
9 1-31 10 miles 8 miles 18 miles
10 2-7 10 miles 10 miles
11 2-14 12 miles 8 miles 20 miles
12 2-21 10 miles 10 miles
13 2-28 14 miles 8 miles 22 miles
14 3-7 8 miles 4 miles 12 miles
15 3-14 6 miles 6 miles
16 3-21 12 miles 12 miles
17 3-28 8 miles 8 miles
18 4-4 6 miles 14 miles 20 miles
GWBday 2/15/2015 * we can modify if necessary
B&A Trail 3/29/2015
Shamrock 3/22/2015 GOAL WEEKEND
CB10 4/12/2015
Frederick 5/3/2015
MCHH 5/17/2015


MID-WEEK TRAINING SCHEDULE – HALF MARATHON PROGRAM  Here’s a recommended program for midweek training you can do on your own. XM refers to the Extra Mileage Option, i.e. anyone that is training for a full marathon:DECEMBER

Week Ending Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
12/13/14 Rest or CT
(30 min)
3 miles or 25-35 minutes 2 miles or 15-30 minutes Rest or CT
(30 min)
3 miles or 25-35 minutes Rest Day 4 miles (XM +3)
12/20/14 Rest or CT
(30 min)
3 miles or 25-35 minutes 3 miles or 25-35 minutes Rest or CT
(30 min)
3 miles or 25-35 minutes Rest Day 5 miles (XM +3)
12/27/14 Rest or CT
(30 min)
4 miles or 30-60 minutes 3 miles or 25-35 minutes Rest or CT
(30 min)
3 miles or 25-35 minutes Rest Day 6 miles (XM +3)
1/3/15 Rest or CT
(30 min)
4 miles or 30-60 minutes 3 miles or 25-35 minutes Rest or CT
(30 min)
4 miles or 30-60 minutes Rest Day 6 miles (XM +4)
1/10/15 Rest or CT
(30 min)
4 miles or 30-60 minutes 3 miles or 25-35 minutes Rest or CT
(30 min)
4 miles or 30-60 minutes Rest Day 7 miles (XM +5)

CT – Cross Train (bike, swim, etc)

Easy – Yoga, Pilates, aqua-jogging, stretching, etc

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Summer 2014 Schedule

Below is our current training schedule, which is historically planned around the MCM.  ARRC members will soon receive an alternative schedule showing how to rearrange the long runs to fit the dates of other big Fall races on the East … Continue reading

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It’s not too late to register

Our season kicked off with a happy crowd on a beautiful morning!  We will continue to accept registrations for at least another month, so please join us by clicking the registration link to the right.  See you soon!

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Summer 2014 Registration is now OPEN!

Spring started last week (or so goes the rumor).  Have you already started your Fall race planning? Are you looking for a friendly, supportive running group to train for a full/half marathon, triathlon, or are you trying to stay fit in general?


Arlington Road Runners Club offers a gradual 6-month training program to help you achieve your goals, meeting in Rosslyn for increasingly longer group runs every Saturday morning.  Though the program is scheduled to end with the Marine Corps Marathon in October, our members train for races all around the country and overseas, so we can work with you to adjust your mileage for your target race.

ARRC offers:

  • A full 26-week training schedule with pre-run stretching & warmups
  • Mid-week track workouts and extra miles scheduled for those interested in extra training/longer distances
  • Planned routes along both sides of the Potomac, around the National Mall and into Rock Creek, Old Town, Falls Church, and Bethesda – beautiful sunrises and wildlife seen regularly!
  • Volunteer-run homebase and waterstops (for runs over 10 miles)
  • Experienced mentors, and a variety of pace groups to fit your speed
  • Invitation-only Facebook discussion page
  • Regular information about hydration, nutrition, running gear, avoiding injuries, and race preparation, among other topics of interest
  • Weekly newsletters with detailed trail maps, race photos, and more
  • Mid-season and end-of-season “survivor” parties
  • … and a fun group of people from ALL walks of life – all ages, sizes, speeds, and levels of experience!

Make your goals a reality. 

Orientation day is April 26th and we start with a 3 miler to determine pace groups.

Cost: $70 for new members, $50 for returning.

Click the button on the upper right of this page to register today!

Opening Day 2012

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